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we're Hisense, the biggest technology company you've never heard of.

Hisense Laser TVs Hisense Laser TVs
Hisense ULED TVs Hisense ULED TVs
Hisense RF21 fridges Hisense RF21 fridges

appliances, too.

We're trying to think of a room in your house that you wouldn't put a Hisense appliance in, and we can't.

Hisense lifestyle Hisense lifestyle
Vidaa U Vidaa U

hi, pleased to meet you.

Even though Hisense is one of the largest TV brands on the planet, with all kinds of stuff available in over 130 countries, it's possible you've never heard of us. But that's OK! Our TVs and appliances are going to rock your world, so let's hurry up and get acquainted.

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